Spoken Word

Abraham Velázquez (New York)

Language of the workshop: Spanish

Abraham Velazquez, also known as A-B-E, was born in Washington Heights, New York. At the age of 5, he moved to the South Bronx where Hip Hop culture inspired him to begin beatboxing and rapping. He earned his B.Sc. and M.A. at New York University and since then he has been working in empowering young people through the Spoken Word. Besides, he is the co-founded of the Hip Hop and spoken word art collective, The Peace Poets, in 2007. This art collective examine and advocate for the intersection between music and poetry.

The workshop: Spoken Word Poetry is an art form that developed from and is rooted in the oral tradition of the griot. Griots have historically been story tellers, record keepers, music makers and poets. They weave rhythms and lyrical devices in the common popular tongue(s) to reflect their personal truths and inform their communities of the many worlds that surround, encompass, and impact them. It has been fused with, but not limited to or requiring elements from; Blues, Jazz, and Hip Hop music. Spoken Word poetry is a conversation between the artist(s) and the community, it holds space for communal healing, and allow for the process of personal transformation.

Drama in Education

Veronika Szabó (Hungary)

Language of workshop: English with simultaneous translation to spanish

Veronika Szabo is a director, performer and community theatre practitioner. She studied applied theatre at Goldsmiths University in London.This year she is a resident artist with L1 Association in Budapest (HU) and associate artist with MK Gallery in Milton Keynes (UK) creating participatory art performances. Besides, She is the artistic co-director of Very Clock, a theatre company creating headphone theatre performances using binaural and other sound technologies.

The workshop will be inspired by the British tradition Drama in Education (DIE) which is one of the methods of Applied Drama. The participants, together with a facilitator create a kind of theatrical ensemble who engages with a story through a series of dramatic activities such as stepping in and out of role, improvisation, movement, writing etc. in order to make meaning of and relate to moral and social issues, questions or curricular subjects.


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