Alicias buscan Maravillas (Alices seek Wonders) is a particular and free adaptation of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. It is also a Documentary Theatre play. And also, a site-specific play. Anyway, a complete madness. To write it I interviewed loads of wonderful people. Some of them individually, some of them in group and some of them, I did workshops with. I toured ten parks in Madrid, and I chose one.

In Alicias buscan Maravillas YOU are the main character…Yes, YOU. The Wonderland is in danger and to save it Alicia needs to do six impossible things before breakfast. The first one is that YOU should answer her call and join her on this journey for diversity that is for children from 8 to 88 years old: Hatters with mental illnesses, a blind woman and her inseparable dog or a bunch of flowers with Down Syndrome who are running away from their parents.

How do we narrate diversity? How do we portray it to the children and adults who have never come across with it?  Who are YOU, What do you say, real main character of this story? Are you normal? What does normal mean?

The Rabbit warns, whoever doesn’t come to play, shall not enter…

Lucía Miranda

Dramatized reading at Centro Dramático Nacional, Spain. May 2018
100 minutes long
8 yrs+.


Alicias Buscan Maravillas is a documental theatre and site-specific play written by Lucía Miranda and published in the V Laboratorio de Escritura Teatral (V Laboratory of Writing for Theatre) of Fundación SGAE, Madrid.

During 2017, Lucía Miranda interviewed more than 40 people with and without functional diversity in Madrid, including people from the Asociación Tú Decides and Psicoballet Maite Léon. She toured ten city parks to choose the space where the dramaturgy would be developed. Finally, she selected the Arganzuela greenhouse of Palacio de Cristal considering the accessibility for people with physical disability and because of its diverse flora, a metaphor for the diversity of characters in this play. You can find the text in the book V Laboratorio de Escritura Teatral, one of the six contemporary dramaturgy texts of the Fundación SGAE Laboratory.

Dramaturgy and direction by Lucía Miranda


Madagascar dragon: Nacho Bilbao
White Rabbit: David Blanco
Alice: Mafalda Carbonell
Duchess: Lidia García
Go: Gonzalo Díez
Tell: Andrea Herrera
Humpty Dumpty: Mónica Lamberti
King of Hearts: David Lorente
Swim & Pyjamas: Román Méndez
Run: Jaime Navarro
Tweedledum & Tweedledee: Lola Robles and her dog Heila

YOU: This is YOU, that’s right. YOU can answer whatever you want because YOU are unpredictable.

* Special collaboration of Jorcam‘s Coro Abierto and A tu ritmo percussion workshop.


Graphic image: Javier Burgos
Assistant director: María Armanda Gonçalves
Assistant producer: Andrés Rivas


To make the creative process visible, to share it so you can know what is brewed before stepping onto the stage. This notebook is our effort to share the inside out of the development and creation of a theatre piece: what have we read, what have we seen, our playlist, our creative director’s notebook.


Lucía Miranda is the master of ceremonies on a delightful game where our adventurous heart will come forward to knock over mental and physical obstacles, and consequently, to arrive in the country where we are all as awkward and authentic.

Que revienten los artistas

While facilitating a workshop two years ago, Lucia Miranda was so deeply moved that she created Alicias Buscan Maravillas, whose opening will be on Sunday. A wonderful and unknown world has been opened to me. I got to understand other ways of using bodies and the mind and so the idea emerged. This is how The Cross Border Project proposal was born.  Let’s turn the Valle Inclán Theatre into a park.
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