I would like to enrol in the Summer School but I would not be staying overnight because I live close to Rioseco. Can I still apply?

We have several places especially reserved for professionals coming from nearby locations. Tell us about your particular case and we will try our best to help you. Fábrica de Harinas is a full experience, so we would like to talk to you, see what would you be missing out on and then decide.

Can I enrol in just one of the workshops?

If we have available places, it would be possible. Contact us for further information.

I won´t be able to attend every day, could I come to part of the workshop only?

Unfortunately, this is not an option. Fábrica de Harinas does not narrow down to two main workshops, it is a global experience that we expect the participants to live as a whole.

We firmly believe that this Summer School is an opportunity to generate community among us. However, we are open to hear your case and evaluate it.  

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