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Border bites… OR BORDER BITES

We settled on the name of our company, Cross Border Project, in New York. It was easy to break down boundaries there. Everything was cross-border: from my Colombian fishmonger, to the Asian spice market on the corner, to my African-American neighbour downstairs… And then there was me, the girl from Valladolid. And I became a part of the mix: that wonderful hodgepodge of people, ideas and places that you could never find just looking at a map – and yet suddenly you find yourself having coffee together. I wanted to bring them all back home with me in my suitcase…

So, I want to share these border-crossings with you. So you can travel to the countries we’ve been to, and the ones we’ll go to; so you can get to know the professionals and friends we work with and admire. From April onwards, we’ll be posting news from foreign collaborators who are experts in the world of education and theatre in their country – and they’ll be sharing the projects they’re developping with us. The Cross Border blog will be a window onto the real social impact that theatre has worldwide, and from there, we’ll start to plot out a mini-map of theatre and education.

Some of our collaborators will include Leila Schmukler and the Festival para Adolescentes Vamos que Venimos (Argentina); Abe Velazquez and the spoken word of the Peace Poets (USA); John Moran and the wonderful Peta Theatre foundation (Philippines); Recaredo Boturu, the director of the Bocamandja company (Equatorial Guinea); Alex Santiago Jirau, director of the Forum Project (USA); Angela Arboleda and the story telling foundation Corpo Imaginario (Ecuador); and more.

If you’d like to work with us and share your company’s experience in theatre as a tool for social change, write to us at info@thecrossborderproject.com (we’ll take care of the English- Spanish translation!) and help us to cross yet another border. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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