More and more, young professionals from diverse countries contact The Cross Border Project because they would like to learn and gain exposure to the artistic and educative world in Spain by temporarily collaborating with our company.

We are delighted to welcome and share with professionals from other countries; however, we are a small theatre organization (company) with various projects that vary in location and professional development. Thus, the knowledge and experience young professionals can acquire depends solely on the developmental phase of these projects. Essentially, we have created this intern program based on the idea of reciprocity—to give and to receive. With that said, please read carefully both what we can offer and the requirements. If you are interested, please be sure to email us.

This is not a paid internship therefore, interns are responsible for their own trips, housing, and living expenses. The Cross Border Project will however, provide the necessary documentation to solicit a grant/scholarship and provide help if it is needed.

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Answer the questions below. As soon as we receive your email, we will notify you.

Shortly after, we will contact you to setup an informal interview via Skype.

What the Cross Border has to offer is the opportunity to…

Become a part of the theatre community by attending our performances and reunions

Attend our rehearsals and classes as an observer; lead warm-ups and theatre games 

Meet once every month and a half with the Cross members to suggest, question, and/or share any doubts you may have regarding our artistic-educative projects in order to help us with the implementation process

If you are interested in teaching, we will put you in contact with the LÓVA Project. LÓVA collaborates with 150 centers throughout Spain. Unfortunately, at this moment, we are very limited and cannot personally offer educational opportunities


Be a part of the team by assuming your responsibilities in a timely manner

Carry out production related tasks as well as translation and communication on behalf of the company and school

Develop a form of evaluation regarding our projects and classes through interviews and/or surveys that sample our participants


  • Eva Beijneveld
      Eva Beijneveld Intern

      University of the Arts, Utrecht, Holanda

      A Eva, en su Licenciatura de Teatro y Educación en la Universidad de Utrecht le obligan a hacer unas prácticas internacionales de tres meses. Y se vino con nosotros. Fue la ayudante de dirección en Las chicas no fuman igual que Lucía Miranda dirigió en la Cuarta Pared y  asistió al proceso de Nora, 1959 de LazonaKubik.

    • Dillon Mapletoft
        Dillon Mapletoft Intern

        Universidad de Cambridge, Inglaterra

        Dillon estaba de Erasmus en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Ha colaborado con nosotros en labores de producción y ha sido fundamental para traducir esta web.

      • Manuela Suchod & Nicos Beck
          Manuela Suchod & Nicos Beck Intern

          Université Grenoble 3, Francia

          Manuela y Nicos realizaban el  Master LEA en Traducción, especialización multilingüe. Necesitaban hacer un trabajo real para una empresa, y nosotros necesitábamos traducir parte de nuestra página web. Gracias a ellos, también nos leéis en francés.

        • Amy Jiménez
            Amy Jiménez Intern

            Estudiante Fulbright

            Amy es estadounidense y durante un semestre asistió a nuestras clases de Crear Colectivamente de los viernes. Se encargó de registrar los juegos y ejercicios que empleamos, y nos enseñó a algunos nuevos, que hemos incorporado.

          • Lucinda Spearman
              Lucinda Spearman Intern

              Universidad de Cambridge, Inglaterra.

              Fue nuestra primera intern. Estaba de Erasmus en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Cuenta su experiencia en producción con nosotros en nuestro blog.


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